**Reoccurring Appointment Rules and Guidelines**

Appointments are scheduled consecutively on the same day and time with the schedule of your choice, given the availability. Your scheduled appointments are scheduled one year out.  You will receive automatic reminders for each appointment.  You may also check your upcoming appointments by logging into your account.  

You may sign up for the program through your stylist, with RenaBStylinLLC and/or its staff only.

Once entered into the program, your price will be locked in for one year including your 15% discount.  Your discount and waived deposits are only good for your scheduled appointments. Any additional appointment (not including a reschedule) will result in being charged the full price as well as deposits.  

After your year is over, you may re-enter the program based on current prices at the time of booking. 

Your first no-call/no-show will automatically disqualify you from the program and discount.

Your second rescheduled or missed appointment/cancellation will automatically disqualify you from the program and your discount.

Your credit card information is required and will be securely saved to your account, to enter the Reoccurring Appointment program.  Cancellation guidelines will still apply to clients in the program. 

A deposit is only required for your first scheduled appointment with the program.

Hey Royalty!!!!
??It’s Client/Customer Appreciation Season Again!!!!??
I am so THANKFUL AND GREATFUL for ALL of my clients this GIVING season and every day!!!
For over 14 years my clients have become more than just “somebody in my chair”.
We have, what I’d like to call “client ships”. ????
Some of my clients have become friends, therapist, amazing listeners, they’re patient, kind, EXTRA SUPPORTIVE and some have even become family!!!
As professional stylists it is natural and almost our duty, for us to pour into our clients and when our clients return the gesture and love, we must show appreciation!!
With that said and with fall, comes everyone's favorite season!!!!!
This season RenaBStylin LLC is starting the season early by giving back to YOU!
For being such loyal clients and in honor of the giving season, I will be continuing my Customer Appreciation Season again!!
Customer Appreciation Season will run from October 1st through November 30th.
During CAS there will be a series of different
specials, drawings and prizes. These specials will be announced and updated during each CAS. 
My goal is for each CAS to be different, fun, exciting, full of savings and more!
RenaBStylin welcomes and encourages any suggestions or ideas for future Customer Appreciation Seasons.

Be sure to subscribe to RenaBStylin LLC Newsletters for special updates and for each week's special during CAS!!